23|03|2013 17-19h

Wilhelmsburg Mitte
IBA 2013

directed by 
in Collaboration with Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik

For the opening of the IBA 2013 programme, KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT present their artistic vision of Utopia. On 23 March, ranging through the newly built apartments, offices, indoor climbing facilities, foyers and underground garages in Wilhelmsburg Mitte, they transcend our times, so lacking in Utopias, with visual and acoustic displays and live performances. Music fills the new spaces with the sounds of a world to come, projected images make the buildings move, installations draw us into foreign lifestyles and ethereal choirs transport the visitor outside time and place. In the extremities of European indecision, when every solution promises only to make things worse, KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT turn to their favourite saint: Thomas More, author of the world-famous work of fantasy "Utopia", who was martyred in 1535. More invented his Utopia with no regard to reality - it is a strange island where tolerance, equality and reason reign. KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT have their own vision of the ideal island. The map of Utopia guides the audience through the show scenes. The search for the various places of performance automatically brings visitors to the new building projects which speak of the tense relationship between Utopian ideas and economic realities. The circuit ends in the "KLUB UTOPIA", venue for the scintillating party to close the IBA opening weekend. Can it really be a coincidence that the Elbe Island of Wilhelmsburg almost looks as if it were the inspiration for More's map of Utopia?