Simone Bergantini, Michele Buda, Martina Della Valle, Annabel Elgar, Eeva Hannula, Sanna Kannisto, Lisa Kereszi, Filippo Luini, Esther Mathis, Melissa Moore, Marco Signorini, Valentina Sommariva, The Cool Couple.

On the occasion of the second edition of Generazione Critica, a three-days workshop and panel talk dedicated to contemporary photography, Metronom opens In Between, a group show that collects the works realised by a series of Italian and international artists, already part of the gallery's collection.
The central theme of the exhibition is a reflection about the gesture, conceived as an intentional human act and a communication medium that eludes the verbal language, although charged with meanings. The gesture can, therefore, leave its traces in the act of covering an image, similarly to the process behind Martina Della Valle's pictures; it can recall a specific moment within the historical memory, to which The Cool Couple's work refers; or, as taught by psychoanalysis, it can be situated half-way between reality and fiction, language and body, images and words — something that is reflected in Eeva Hannula's artworks. Gestuality, an element that has been depicted by a number of different artists, is essentially linked to the human body, to the fulfillment of an act or even, on the contrary, to the total lack of movement. The action can be rendered also through the choice of the artist, like Marco Signorini, of "undoing" the image; or, from a different perspective, with a result that is almost a performance, as in Esther Mathis' video Schnee, a poetic representation of the silent dialogue between the human being and the nature. Indeed, the idea of an action depicted through art inevitably reminds of performances, or of conceptual photography. These artists, then, merge gestures, art, and memory in a unique outcome that testifies the act in its specific moment; from this starting point, the show proposes an inspection of the way the artists who produce images nowadays are influenced by this central theme and operate, whether intentionally or not, within the fusion of gestuality and art. 

24 October - 20 December 2014
Tue - Sat: 3 - 7 PM and by appointment 
METRONOM | viale G. Amendola 142 | Modena