Peninsula is a group of artists, largely Italian, who have settled in Berlin during the past decade.
Our aim is to provide an area of expression for architects, writers, musicians and all those with an interest in contemporary culture. Peninsula takes its cue from the concept of ‘Third Culture’ as a ‘Third Space.’ It is an idea of culture constantly reconstituting and rewriting itself beyond geopolitical boundaries.
An open territory in which communities of intentions and ideas are shared, in dedication to Jean-Luc Nancy’s Being Singular Plural as metaphor of a social and intercultural encounter and exchange that takes its momentum from the shared experience of Berlin by Peninsula’s members.
Berlin provides the perfect setting to create this Third Space. It is a city rich in social and cultural exchange, where different nationalities and identities co-exist. This Space is not separate from the world. It is not an island, but a peninsula. We see ourselves as an outcrop, a space within a space, still attached to the mainland, but able to stretch towards new horizons. We have the freedom to invent and imagine, and build fluid links between other cultures.

dotLand is the title of the first exhibition organised by Peninsula. It is a virtual place, located online, but also a land, soil, a country, actual territory where people meet. The artists of Peninsula have invited other artists from around the world to put together an exhibition, which mirrors the relationship between Berlin and the greater cultural map which it contains.
artists: Øystein Aasan, Saâdane Afif, Keren Cytter, John Duncan, Elbee Bad, Thomas Eller, Petra Feriancova, Carlos Garaicoa, Elena Gavrisch, Jeroen Jacobs, Chelsea Knight, H.H. Lim, Alex Martinis Roe, Maria Mitsopoulou, Marco Montiel-Soto, Kazuki Nakahara, Olaf Nicolai, Sigrun Paulsen, Leila Pazooki, David Prytz, Adam Raymont, Dodi Reifenberg, Tomás Saraceno, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Schizm Magazine, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Ino Varvariti, Oliver Walker, Sara Wallgren

Kremmenerstr. 9-11 Berlin-Mitte