Edited by
Elisa Troiano, 
Renato Leotta and Alexandro Tripodi
Text by Antonella Camarda, Barbara Casavecchia, Caterina Riva, Daniela Bigi, Davide Daninos, Eva Fabbris, Francesca Boenzi, Gianluigi Ricuperati, Luca Lo Pinto, Marianna Vecellio, Michele D’Aurizio and Simone Bertuzzi.

Attitude(s) and current research in Italy is the first issue of a collection focus on the Italian contemporary art scene and it is the first editorial project of T-A-X-I, a new platform for interdisciplinary research and publishing company based in Turin.The book is composed of a collection of texts commissioned between 2012 and 2014 to Italian curators, researchers and artists. Initially developed on the web, T-A-X-I is a natural continuation of a research on the Italian artistic geography identified and analyzed during Artissima Lido, with the aim of drawing some guidelines that allow the understanding of its issues and attitudes, to go beyond a didactic list and cross the measured parameters based on an idea of independence or energy.The different essays in the book show an investigative point of view and open a debate on the issue and the imaginary of Italian contemporary art. Images of historical and moral landscapes, that seems to be the iron soul of a sculpture in tension between experience and narration, are taking shape through formal, ontological and thematic associations.The landscape is seen as a starting point to document the critical aspects of our society, emphasizing the responsibility of this “commitment”, but also defining a specific psychological space. Attitude (s) and current research in Italy examines a specific artistic moment within a given geographical boundary, to convey the heterogeneous narrative of a complex and multifaceted scenario as the Italian one.t-a-x-i.it_________________________________________________