is a non-profit collective that produces and develops any kind of contemporary art action; anywhere, in any form of media, regardless of any dynamic tied to the art market but with the express purpose of giving the tools and support Italian art with the widest rangeit works by creating the context for action. social sharing actions are a kind of metadata used within a whitespaceart can happen anywhere, in any venue or setting and for any length of time.

traditionally interdisciplinary, random or carefully orchestrated, spontaneous or carefully planned, with or without audience participation, live or via media, present or absent

società s. f. [dal lat. sociětas -atis, der. di socius «socio»].
pér prep. [lat. Pĕr].
azióne1 s. f. [dal lat. actio -onis, der. di agĕre «agire», part. pass. actus].